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With its ability to immediately transform and comfort, carpeting continues to be one of America’s favorite ways to floor, and today there are more carpet choices than ever before. Offering creative solutions for all types of homes and businesses, carpeting is one of our most expansive product categories at Whitt Carpet One Floor & Home in Salem, Virginia. Proudly serving greater Salem and Roanoke County, we’re the region’s finest resource for all types of soft-surface flooring.


Carpeting has long been renowned for its insulating capabilities, and it can add incredible texture and distinction to all types of settings. Today, there are even carpets made to coexist with kids and pets, and even great options for those with allergies. Considering carpet for your next home project? Here are some things to keep in mind.


Types of Carpeting


Which type of carpeting is right for you? We recommend taking a close inventory of your surroundings and needs before making your final decision. Fortunately, there are beautiful options for all types of needs, including stain-resistant varieties for households that are constantly on-the-go. Carpet pile, or your carpet’s inner fibers, are the major deciding factor when it comes to your rug’s function and overall texture. Carpet fibers are either synthetic or natural, and include varieties like olefin, wool, nylon, and polyester.


Carpet Fiber Types


Nylon carpet fibers are a highly coveted synthetic that’s renowned for its softness and amazing durability. Nylon carpets don’t tend to fade or stain as easily, since each fiber has a protective coating.  This type of carpeting works wonderfully in both commercial and residential settings.


Polyester carpet fibers have a look and feel that’s quite similar to nylon. These synthetic carpets tend to be more affordable than the former, however, but thanks to modern innovation, these products are hardly inferior! Today’s polyester carpets can fight stains with the best of them.


Triexta carpet fibers have a rougher feel, and are incredibly sturdy. With intricate patterns to hide daily dust and dirt, this high-test synthetic carpeting is especially popular for hospitality settings.


Olefin/polypropylene carpet fibers have a feel that’s often compared to velvet fabric. Olefin carpeting is definitely a show-stopper, but this synthetic rug isn’t intended for heavy uses. Reserve these beauties for quieter, more formal rooms.


Wool carpet fibers are soft, warm, and incredibly sturdy. This naturally-sourced pile is renowned for its ability to hold on to its colors, resist allergens, fading and mildew, and last for many, many beautiful years.


Stain-Resistant Carpet


Carpet flooring has come a long way over the years. Today it comes in highly stain-resistant options that can handle homes with pets and children. We also have stain-fighting carpets for businesses and commercial settings. While no carpet is completely stain-proof, technology today has come very close. Stain-fighting carpets are usually treated with a proprietary stain-treatment that blocks pigments from sinking into the fibers. Some carpet fibers also have natural stain-fighting abilities. For example, triexta and polyester both repel water-based stains. Even though the technology has come a long way, you should still wipe up spills as fast as possible to prevent them soaking into the carpet fibers. Always use a blotting action, rather than rubbing at the spill, as that will push stains deeper into the material.



On top of stain-resistant carpeting, you can choose different carpet colors, textures, and patterns that help disguise pet fur, debris, and blemishes between cleanings. For example, multi-tonal carpets are great for this purpose, plus they have a lovely dimensional look. Patterned and textured carpets can also have this effect, while also looking stylish. If you’re a pet owner, we have waterproof carpets, which have an industrial backing that blocks pet urine and spills from moving below to your carpet pad and subfloor, where they can leave permanent odors.

A few of our favorite stain-resistant carpet brands, which you will find featured in our showroom, are:


Where Can Carpet Be Installed?


Carpets are not recommended for bathroom or kitchens, but can be a wonderful addition to nearly any other type of interior space. Choose a more heavy-duty variety for areas like stairs and hallways, as these are fit to manage constant foot traffic. A waterproof carpet will go well in your family room, especially if you have little kids or a new puppy.


Our Carpet Selection


At Whitt Carpet One Floor & Home, we boast a long tradition of smart and stunning flooring solutions and as part of the world’s largest independent flooring cooperative, we have incredible purchasing power. That means we can offer up an expansive variety of carpet brands and products, giving you plenty of sensible choices you can feel great about. Here you’ll encounter all of the leading carpeting brands, such as Relax…it's LEES, Innovia, Resista, and Tigressá. Call us today to schedule a FREE onsite project estimate, or plan to visit us in the near future at 3170 West Main Street in Salem, VA. You can also start browsing our carpet collections online now!


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