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Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Salem, VA

Vinyl has made a lot of changes since it was first introduced on the flooring market. What once was considered a limited budget-friendly alternative now comes in a variety of premium styles to choose from. At Whitt Carpet One Floor & Home in Salem, Virginia, we carry one of the best vinyl flooring selections in the region. As one of the top product choices for most homeowners and businesses today, this floor truly combines function and style.

Vinyl Tile

Traditional tile is always beautiful, and the look of tile is always in high demand. Today, however, our hectic pace presents a need for simpler flooring: flooring that is easy to clean and doesn’t fall prey to everyday damages. Luxury vinyl tile solves all such puzzles, letting us enjoy the luxe looks of finely glazed tile or hardwood parquet while staying within our budget. It’s easy to install and even easier to take care of. Made to click directly into place, luxury vinyl tile is made to keep spills out and style eternal. Trapping splashes and spills upon the surface, simply wipe away the “evidence” with no stains in sight, and go about your day. Luxury vinyl tile is a wonderful choice for those living with cats and dogs, or for those with growing families.

Vinyl Planks

Luxury vinyl planks combine the natural and authentic looks of hardwood with the durability and resilience of luxury vinyl. Compared to hardwood, luxury vinyl planks are more cost effective. Unlike hardwood, luxury vinyl will not absorb moisture or water right away, taking away the worry of moisture damaging your floors. Many luxury vinyl plank options are made to be water resistant, but there are options available that are completely waterproof. Achieve the look of hardwood in your bathroom or laundry room where you couldn’t have hardwood before. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is also a pet friendly option. The wear layer of most luxury vinyl planks can resist scratching and can handle accidental pet accidents if you cannot get to them fast enough.

For most luxury vinyl products you can install the planks over any existing subfloor. Some types of luxury vinyl can actually be placed over existing flooring as well. Installation options include glue-down and floating options. Glue-down is a permanent solution, whereas floating floors allow you to have an efficient installation as well as choose to move the flooring to another room in your home.

If you’re not looking to put a lot of effort into cleaning your floors, then luxury vinyl is a good option for you because it only requires regular maintenance such as sweeping and occasional mopping. Unlike hardwood flooring, luxury vinyl planks do not need to be refinished, making them a long-lasting and practical option.

Is Vinyl Waterproof?

Luxury vinyl’s durable construction can withstand heat, moisture, and heavy traffic. It is also resistant to mold and mildew, making it great for homes with allergies. We offer both water-resistant and fully waterproof vinyl flooring options. Waterproof luxury vinyl can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and busy, moisture-prone business settings.

Where Can Vinyl Be Installed?

As we mentioned before, luxury vinyl makes a great alternative to natural flooring. Since luxury vinyl is made to look exactly like hardwood and tile, you can install it throughout your home for a high end appearance that won’t break the bank. Vinyl is also popular in places you may experience unexpected flooding, like basements. And you’ll find commercial vinyl planks everywhere from luxury apartments to downtown offices.

Our Vinyl Selection

Luxury vinyl is one of the fastest growing flooring categories on the market. Homeowners love this type of floor because it delivers authentic hardwood and tile looks for an affordable price. It’s also resilient, easy to care for, and simple to install and repair. When you shop our flooring samples, you’ll see top luxury vinyl brands, including Carpet One exclusives like Invincible™ LVT, Invincible™ H2O, and VERÓSTONE™. We are proud to provide flooring and installation services to Roanoke and Roanoke County.

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